Misc Unsigned Bands – Toxic Kombo - The Girl For Me tab

		The Girl For Me
		By: Tate Robinson          

 D			                A
You got me with your looks, you got me with your stare.
       Bm                         G            
Your bright blue eyes, and your short brown hair.
 D                A                      G          D                        
Me and you girl can’t you see, living together in harmony.

 G                   D
You’re the girl for me
  G             D
Baby can’t you see
  G                     D
That you’re the one for me
  G               D
Clear as it could be. X2

D   A   Bm   G   D   A   G   D  

   D                                  A       
Maybe it’s the way you laugh, or the way you care.
     Bm            G       
Or maybe how you twirl my hair.
D                A                  G                   D
I just know that I love you, and hopefully you love me too.


D   A   Bm   G   D   A   G   D

D             A               Bm             G
I can see us down the road, walking hand in hand.
D             A                     G                D
A path lies ahead of us, and were together till the end.          (chorus) x2
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