Misc Unsigned Bands – Josiah Leming - One Last Song tab

Left handed
B                              Dm                        Gm
The ship was sinking; we were drinking, singing one last song,
Casting our gold into the ocean.
B                              Dm                      Gm
You grabbed a bucket, started screaming, "Come on, come on",
Trying to slow the downward motion.
Eb                           F                               Gm
Back in the kingdom, we were kings and queens and Oh, so strong
That God himself could not contain us.
Eb                           F                           Gm
We never thought we'd be the shorter half of sword and gun.
Now god himself could never save us.

Eb                         F
Waves of silver, waves of gold
Gm                      Bb
Are coming now to take me,
Eb                           F
To separate my body from my soul
Gm                        F
And Jesus leaves or takes me.
Eb                         F
Hopes of heaven, fears of hell
Gm                               Bb
Tell me, what's the chance I'll make it.
Eb                         F
All my other plans have failed,
Gm                         F
And all this time I've faked it.
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