Misc Unsigned Bands - Dirty Black Halo - Thanks For The Tragedy tab

Dirty Black Halo
Thanks For The Tragedy 

Drop D tuning
*(b)= bend*

Intro guitar & Verse guitar (repeat): E E G F#E D De|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|-2-2---5-4-2-0-0--------|A|-2-2---5-4-2-0-0--------|D|-2-2---5-4-2-0-0--------|
Chorus guitar (repeat twice): C D E G De|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|-5--7-----2--5--0-----------|D|-5--7-----2--5--0-----------|A|-3--5-----2--5--0-----------|D|----------------------------|
Solo Guitar (This is a very cool blues feel solo, but this is all I have figured out so far, the rest will be coming soon)e|----------------------------------------|B|-12-14-12-14-12----15(b)--12------------|G|-12-14-12-14-12-------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|
(song structure) Into Verse Chorus Into Verse Chorus Intro Solo (both verse and chorus parts are played) Intro Verse Chorus Chorus Intro Intro END www.dirtyblackhalo.com www.myspace.com/dirtyblackhalo
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