Misc Unsigned Bands - Dirty Black Halo - Harlot tab

Dirty Black Halo

Intro guitar & Verse guitar (repeat):
   F#  A  E,  F#  A  B5

Chorus guitar (repeat twice): D Em F#e|------------------------------|B|--7----9-----11---------------|G|--7----9-----11---------------|D|--5----7-----9----------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
Once again I have yet to figure out the guitar solo. There is also a wah wah pedal part that I am having trouble with. Their guitar player, does some interesting solo stuff, at to figure out and type up in Listen to the lyrics on this song, not sung too emotionally but the story is. This is a band, I found them on MySpace, check them out below. (song structure) Intro Verse Chorus Intro Verse Chorus Solo (chorus chords) Intro Verse Chorus Chorus Outro (same as Intro) www.dirtyblackhalo.com www.myspace.com/dirtyblackhalo
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