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Hello To all... Eto po yung chords ng basketcase nobreak band version..... Slamat....
Greet ko pla Ka band mates ko...
At Ako Si ABraham heheh...
Hi Din Sa SMS..

No Break - Basket Case

 Eb               Bb
 Do you have the time
 C               G
 to listen to me whine
 G#                 Eb          Bb
 About nothing and everything all at once
 Eb           Bb
 I am one of those
 C            G
 Melodramatic fools
 G#               Eb                   Bb
 Neurotic to the bone no doubt about it

  G#          Bb               Eb
 Sometimes I give myself the creeps
 G#            Bb                    Eb
 Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
 G#                   Bb
 It all keeps adding up
 Eb         Bb           C
 I think I'm cracking up
 G#             Bb
 Am I just paranoid ?
 I'm just stoned

 Eb,Bb,C,Bb   x2

 Eb           Bb
 I went to a shrink
 C             G
 To analyze my dreams
 G#                     Eb                      Bb
 She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down
 Eb           Bb
 I went to a whore
 C                   G
 He said my life's a bore
 G#                   Eb                       Bb
 And quit my whining cause it's bringing her down

Repeat Chorus

Eb,Bb,C,B x4

 G#           Bb
 Grasping to control
     (let it ring) 
 So you better hold on

 Eb,Bb,C,G,G#,Eb,Bb  x2

Repeat Chorus

Eb,C,G#,Eb,C x4

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