Misc Unsigned Bands – Reminisced - Your No Romeo tab

New band.....so...yea

"Your No Romeo" by Reminisced

intro: D , A , G , A , D , A , G X2

D         A                 G          D  A       G
I cant see, why your in love, with somebody like me.
D         A                    G
Is it the way i stare in your eyes
         D  A    G
Looking past the lies.
C                   F
One day i wont look past them anymore
C                          D
Ill just be a memory, that walked right out your door.

E          D
Juliet has gone her seperate way
G                        A
she left her romeo with nothing more to say.
E                        D
Shes not coming back, so dont be waiting for her.
G                           A
You took her heart, and you threw it out the door.
E           D
Her balcony has been knocked down,
G                          A
She as no use for it since he's not around.
D , A , G , A , D , A , G X2
(end chorus)
D        A          G     D       A      G
Why you still, love me is still a mystery.
D           A                       G
Maybe its because, i never let you down
               D   A       G
and picked you up off the ground.
C                F
One day ill just leave you lying there.
C                      D
And ill walk away, without a single care.

(chorus is the same)
D , A , G , A , D , A , G, A


D , A , G , A , D , A , G X2
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