Misc Unsigned Bands - Lula Jones - To Win This Race tab

B       F#
Heís on my mind
B       F#
He wonít let go
B                       F#
Everywhere else I can be
B             F#
The sunset still shines, I know
But every thing else weíll see
I canít Understand what I show
B                          F#
But nothing else is letting me free

B                   F#
Thereís nothing I need other than you
B        F#
Nothing to breathe except for you
Everything else may fall into place
But nothing but love is needed
To win this race

The sexy blond hair
Your beautiful eyes
Make me think of, those starry skies
I know you can see
Nothing else than what you do to me
I feel like the earth can
Shatter, the world can
Blow it all up in my face
But now here beside you
Is all that I need to survive, feel alive

B                  F#
Running forever you cant seem to find
F#                  B
Somewhere to rest but Iím here
Walking forever yet slowing down
Because you know Iím around
The sound of the trees and the air
Meet me there
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