Misc Unsigned Bands – Oh Babe What Would You Say - Hurricane Smith tab

Left handed
Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?:
Hurricane Smith.  #1 in 1972.


Have I a hope, or half a chance,
                       Ebdim.     Dm
To even ask if I could dance with you, yoo hoo.
          Dm7             Fm            C
Would you greet me or po..lite..ly turn away.
            Dm7         Fm            C              B7
Would there suddenly be sunshine on a cold and rainy day.
   Dm                   G7
Oh babe, what would you say?


For there are you, sweet lollipop,
                      Ebdim. Dm
Here am I with such a lot to say, hey hey.
        Dm7              Fm             C
Just to walk with you a..long the milky way,
        Dm7                 Fm 
To car..ess you through the night time,
          C             B7
Bring you flowers every day,
   Dm                   G7
Oh babe, what would you say?


Cause, oh, baby I know,
                       EbDim.  Dm
I know I could be so...in......love..with you.
      Dm7               Fm                C
And I know that I could make you love me, too.
       Dm7          Fm               C     Ebdim.
And if I could only hear you say you dooo, ooo, ooo,
ooo, ooo.
           G7 G+         G7sus. C
But anyway... what would you    say?


A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
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