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My True Love:Jack Scott.
Written by Jack Scott.
Top of the charts (#3) in '58.

  G               Em       C         D7
1.I prayed to the lord, to send me a love,

D7 G          Em          C      D7
He sent me an angel, from heaven above,

D7  G            Em        C             D7
The stars in the skies, He placed in her eyes,

G      D7       G
She is my..true love.

  G                Em    C           D7
2.The touch of her hand, captured my soul,

D7      G             Em        C        D7
And the kiss from her lips, set my heart aglow,

D7    G         Em               C      D7
And I know from Heaven, from the Heaven above,

D7   G    D7      G    G7
Came my...my true love.

CHORUS (Spoken):
Darling, I love you, I'll always be true,

My prayers they were answered, and the Lord

Sent me you...with...

     G        Em             C       D7
3....Love and devotion, that I never knew,

D7   G       Em   C             D7
Un...til the Lord above sent me you.

D7    G         Em          C      D7
And I thank the Heaven, the Heaven above,

D7  G        D7        G      
For sending..my..true..love. 

REPEAT CHORUS AND VERSE #3. Add to end of verse # 3. (my..
C      G
true.. loooo..ve.

A fifties favourite from Kraziekhat!
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