Misc Unsigned Bands – Jimmy Clanton - Go Jimmy Go tab

Go, Jimmy, Go:Jimmy Clanton
#5 in 1960.

G                           C
I told her when it comes to talkin,
        G                             D
I'm the sweetest, sweet-talker in the world.
D     G                          C
Well, she said, you better start talkin',
       G          D       G
If you want me to be your girl.

G                        C
And she said, Go, Jimmy, go-o.
G          C
Go, Jimmy, go-o,
        G                  C
Well, I talked her off the floor
               G   D      G
When she said, Go, Jimmy, go.

G                       C
I told when it comes to dancin,
        G                        D 
I'm the best young dancer in the land.
D         G
Well, she looked at me
With a twinkle in her eye,
    G        D       G
And then she took my hand.


G                           C
I told her when it comes to kissin',
        G                     D
I ain't nothing but a kissin' fool.
    G                        C
She started to giggle when I told her..
I'd teach her things, she'd never, 
D             G
ever learn in school.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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