Misc Unsigned Bands – Jimmy Clanton - Just A Dream tab

Just A Dream:Jimmy Clanton.
Song was written by him and released in '58.
It's lead song on his album 'This is Jimmy

1.Just a dream, just a dream,

D                         A
All our plans and all our schemes.

How could I think you'd be mine?

A                           D
The lies I tell myself each time.

2. I know that we could never last.

D                            A
We just can't seem to in the past.

Just a dream I dream in vain,

A                         D
With you I'd only live in pain.

       D    G
CHORUS:Your picture, is always with me.

G     D
I can still hear that same mournful song.

D   G
And now, I sit here crying,

E                A
Please, leave me alone.

  A             D
3.Why, why do I love you?

D                 A
How can I live in misery?

A                          A7
I know that I won't forget you,

A               (slow right down.)D     G-D
But now I know, it's too late for me.

A fabulous '50's hit from Kraziekhat!
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