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Versus the World - Love every scar

Em          D          G           G/F# Em
  I fell in love every scar on her wrists
Em             D                     G                     G/F#  Em
  And sad eyes told a story of every great thing that she'd missed
              H5        C
  She doesn't call here anymore
             G            Em
  She didn't even say goodbye
         H5                C      (C)              G
  Just a kiss blown to the wind we didn't catch in time

(G)             D                   C
  This can't be right the night has just begun
        G       G/F#          Em
  And I already feel like I'm dead
           D                C
  I know I shouldn't hate myself
              G            G/F#       Em
  I should be blaming this on you instead I'll 
  D            C
    rewind these weeks in my mind
        G                G/F#     Em
  And I don't think I'll find any comfort
          G                C
  In this coffin built for two

G         D         C
  Love every scar a trophy that proves how human we are 
G         D               C           (C)
  Love every scar there's one for you, wherever you are

G              D            C
  It's hard to believe that smile held a girl
           G       G/F#  Em
  That was hurt so badly   it's hard to 
  D                  C      
  Believe that those hands that held our 
  G               G/F#        Em
  Hearts hold the blade that    cut you
D                C                              H5
  And turned you into the girl it hurt to talk about
  Cut you and turned you into the girl
  We couldn't live without
                     C            C/5-
  And I realize this feeling gets stronger
        G        G/F#
  if we wait any longer
    Em           C           G
  I wish you had only let us in

Refrain 2x: ...    end on C

(pay attention to palm muted parts!!!)
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