Misc Unsigned Bands - Stare - Jasper Sabio tab

This song is composed last March 9, 2008. . .
Surprise koh kz to sa 3rd Monthsary namin ng gf koh!!!

Check it out na lang pag nasa youtube na. . . tnx!!!

Jasper Sabio

Intro: D-D/C#-G-Bm-A (2x)

 D               D/C#       G  
   I can't understand to myself
   Bm         A
   What I've done wrong before
 D           D/C#           G
   Maybe I'm so stupid, so weak
       Bm        A
   To face this oblivion world

 Bm                   G
   But I promise this time
        D      D/C#         G
   I'll never take you for granted
 Bm                      F#m
   From the depths of my soul
            G                  (hold)
   I'll be loving/holding you forever

 D                   D/C#
   The stare in your eyes
   Your beautiful eyes
            Bm             A
   It's the love what I'm feeling inside
 D                 D/C#
   Now that you're here
   Here in my arms
       Bm         A
   I'm not gonna let go this time


 D          D/C#          G    
   Seems to me you're an angel
      Bm     A
   An angel hides in disguise
 D          D/C#          G
   You're a God's gift to me
           Bm           A
   For the prayers I'm longing for

 (repeat Refrain and Chorus)


 (repeat Chorus except last line. . .)
 (repeat Chorus)

 D                   D/C#
   The touch of your lips
   Your very sweet kiss
             Bm     A
   We'll be holdin' on forever
 D                  D/C#
   Now that you're here
   Here in my heart
   Bm               A           D 
   Now and 'til the end of time

   I'm not gonna let go this time. . .

   Now and 'til the end of time. . .
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