Misc Unsigned Bands – The Great Spy Experiment - Class A Love Affair tab

artist:great spy experiment
song   :class A love affair


this is taken from the acoustic set.
plucking might have be 100%.
however, chords are confirm correct.

*standard tuning.

A E C#M F#M B#M D Asuse|-----|-----|-----|--2--|--2--|--2--|-----|B|--2--|-----|--2--|--2--|--3--|--3--|--3--|G|--2--|--1--|--1--|--2--|--4--|--2--|--2--|D|--2--|--2--|--2--|--4--|--4--|-----|--2--|A|-----|--2--|-----|--4--|--2--|-----|-----|E|-----|-----|-----|--2--|--2--|-----|-----|
*intro2nd guitar-----------------|-----------------|----14--14-------|--14--14--14--x4-|12---------------|-----------------|
*verse2nd guitar-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|----14--14-------|----14--14------|----14--14------|----14--14------|--14--14--14--x4-|--14--14--14--x4|--14--14--14--x2|--14--14--14--x2|12---------------|----------------|14--------------|----------------|-----------------|14--------------|----------------|12--------------|
What id do just to take you in you know ill take you somewhere deep within id die for you id die for you oh yeah strumming comes in: 1st guitar A Asus x2 F#M A F#M close my eyes but i cant escape this feeling A F#M your voice is so gentle and appealing chorus: D E this fire takes me higher C#M F#M a bit of desire i just cant deny B#M E oh wont you come a little bit closer and be mine? cont strummin: A Asus x2 A F#M heavenly, you draw my puckered lips A F#M so slowly you smother me within chorus: D E this fire takes me higher C#M F#M a bit of desire i just cant deny B#M E oh wont you come a little bit closer C#M and wont you say you'll be mine F#M for all time D were gonna take it slower E last a little bit longer oh yeah cont strummin: A Asus x2
*2nd guitar------12------|------12------|------14------|------14------|------12------|------12------|keep strummin this for last verse
i tried to listen yeah i tried to reason but this feeling just wont go away you draw me in so close you burn my skin but still i turn to you all night and day *1st guitar A C#M F#M play till fades out note: this acoustic set doesnt have the last part of the song. enjoy!
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