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Verse 1:
 Am F C G (through the verses as many lines are there)
I dont know what to do 

I cant see myself with you

Why must you act like that

Sayin that im all fat

I'm fine with it don't you know

Now i think you should go home

 Bm G  Bm G D
I'm so confused today

I don't know what to say

Leave me alone or its goodbye

Soemtimes I just wanna die

I jus wana go home 

Now you should really go home

Verse 2:
 Am    F     C       G
I see you there so unaware

Makes me just wanna stare

I cant help but notice you

I just cant go through

On the day that i die

Youll go out and find

Some new freinds and forget me until the end

 Bm  G   Bm   G    D
I'm so confused today

There must be another way

To find peace between our hearts

Then the romance is a work of art

And the fireworks will explode

Then i will go into overload

CAnt we just move on

And make a better dawn

Thimgs will not be the same

Let me think about it

Verse 3:
 Am   F    G    C    G
Now the time is here my freind

Its time to start the ed

End this life and start again

Then well be happy and amend

The rules you say are not cool

Cause you can be so cruel

 Bm   G  Bm  G D ( through the whole chorus)
All of this confusion

I hope its just an illusion

Lets all just be freinds

All the way until the end

And lets just take some time

This is my first time so help me out with it e- mail me at TTThunder13@aol.com
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