Misc Unsigned Bands – The Thriftstore Junkies - Whered We Go Wrong tab

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Here's what we gotta do somehow
take back all those things that we said
drop the gloves stop fighting all the beasts in our head
well I tell I've been there before
I looked in the mirror and I dropped to the floor
said Oh god whatchya doing to yourself?
I put my life in someone elses' hands
I'm finding it hard to be a man
Oh Damn

Oh no where'd we go wrong
drink a couple 40's and we'll sing this song
rock to the beat of the rhythm of the street
and turn ourselves around

Ran into a friend just the other day
he bought himself a nine and joined a gang
he said "Patty I got this all wrong,
I hope this don't end up in one of your songs
bu the police are hot on my trail
by the end of the evening I'll be in jail
can you post bail?"
and I said oh no friend your crimes are your own
when you get out you'll have a home with me
if you can just stay off the streets
I'm thinking-


Then I saw some homeboys from school
it's been a couple years but still we're cool
they always thought that I was the fool
now they do anything to get high
got all the drugs that money can buy
I'm singing-


Turn towards a friend
when you need help
when you just can't help yourself
someone will be there with open arms
someone to releive you from harm
cos we just can't do this alone
I'm thinking-


(It's just those three chords the whole time)
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