Misc Unsigned Bands - Steve Moakler - 18 tab

CAPO on 9th fret

After he sings "You know where you're going, you know where you've been. Barely a woman, eighteen years in..."
[E]--0-0-0-0-0---1--1--1-|[B]--3-3-3-3-3---1--1--1-|[G]--2-2-2-2-2---2--2--2-| Repeat Twice (2X)[D]--0-0-0-0-0---3--3--3-|[A]--0-0-0-0-0---0--0--0-|[E]--2-2-2-2-2---1--1--1-|
Then repeat the verse and you should be good to go :) This is my first tab so please tell me if anything needs corrected. Thanks
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