Misc Unsigned Bands - The Thriftstore Junkies - All The Old Songs tab

C              G
I speak in codes
Am               Fm
just so you know 
C                         G7                C
that I'm suffering from a bad case of memory
C              G
And I was alone
Am                      Fm
I thought that you know'd
C                G7                  C
by the way I shoved off your company
C                                     G    
But you and me sat in the last dance hall
              Am                                                      F
we stared into the jukebox, those songs we knew them all
   Em                           G
our fathers said "someday your luck'll run out,"
C                                          G7
and now that I'm here I have no doubt...
C                                      G
That all the old songs were new at one point
Am                                           Fm
is it really an affair if to yourself you saayy
C                  G
I am shuffling towards 
Am               Fm
the glowing horizon
C                 G7                                C
a rejected circus clown for the fourth time tonight
C            G
And yes I long 
Am                   Fm
to get closer to you
C                          G7                     C
and I wanna hold you but I wanna hold you too tight
Solo- C-G-Am-Fm-C-G7-C
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