Misc Unsigned Bands – Lucas Abbott - There Are No Words tab

[Plucking C Em Am F G (triplets)]

I have just been waiting ‘round
For the perfect one, for me
I thought I should wait a while
But really, I’m glad I went for it so soon

Really it was just a little bit rushed
But for me, I just felt
That it was right
And it seems it is, for us

(Gap C Em Am F G)

I’ve been only happy 
When I look at you, it makes me feel
Great, when I look into your eyes
And I think you feel it too, it’s just nice

To know that I’m with you
And happy, and each moment
We spend together, is like heaven for me
And it’s heaven that’s coming to me


Such feelings like this
Can only mean one thing
I’m not sure to say it but really
I feel it, so strongly

There are just not enough words I could ever say
That would be enough for me
If I had them all, I would say them to you
But this is the best I can do
Until I think again, and again

But really there are no words
To say how I feel
There are no words
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