Misc Unsigned Bands - Kiss The Angel - Pain tab

              standard tuning
verse 1
 Db         E     B  -----------Play these throughout verse
pain you tore up everything 

you cut me in my weakest spot again

becauuse now its all about you
               F#         Ab           A             B
pre chorus---- you brought me down then your luck ran out
            E                B                                  
chorus----- Pain you tore up everything
Db                      F#     B----------------------reapeat chords
you cut me in my weakest spot again

but now that I have lost a friend

i finally have the nerve to tell you

that its the end

verse 2
Db      E     B     F-----------------reapeat again
now you now my feelings 

there is only one thing left to know

that you and I were never meant to be 

once was blind but now I see

pre chorus


ending-------------B B A A G G F# F# B
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