Misc Unsigned Bands - Dear Juliet - Wounded tab

       This was one of Chase Coy's earlier songs, it has a small solo recorded in while 
plays chords sort of like Summer's song. This song is not hard at all, it is a good song 
you are going through a break up or some gay thing like that. Well, enjoy.

E-------------------------------|B-------2------------0----------|G---4----------2----------------|D-----4-----------2-------------| x4A-2----------0------------------|E-------------------------------|
Now, sort of the same thing but faster
E-----------------------------------------------------|B-------2------------2----------------0-------------0-|G---4----------4----------------2-------------2-------|D-----4-----------4-----------------2------------2----| x3A-2----------2----------------0-------------0---------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
4th time he goes
E--2---0-------|B--2---0-------|G--4---2-------| Now he plays these two chords for a while but I will not putD--4---2-------| up the strumming pattern because I am lazy, while he does thisA--2---0-------| He puts in the first of like 3 I think solos. first one isE--------------|
from 00:32-00:45
E-------------------------------------------------------|B---15-14-12---10---8-10-11-10-8---8-7-5-4-5-4-3-2-3-4--|G-------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------| You figure out theA-------------------------------------------------------| rythem.E-------------------------------------------------------| Then chords, then this again from 1:16-1:29 Then he says," Looking back at all those words I sent you." and plays
E-22222---------0------------|B-22222---------0------------|G-44444---------2------------| You figure the rythem again.D-44444----4----2------------| He does this twice then back to normal strumming withA-22222--2------0------------| those two chords, then one more of the same solos fromE---------------- 1:59-2:12-| Then more of those chords then end
Any anythings, talk to me at aim=UxcBradyUxc myspace= myspace.com/tightdenimrules11 email=tightdenimrules11@hotmail.com Any Dear Juliet song requests or any other songs please tell me, I being contacted 8D
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