Misc Unsigned Bands – Glenn Marais - Like A Child tab

Hey guys,  this artist IS signed, but nobody writes his tabs :P, 
so its not on Ultimate-Guitar. 
This is a really sweet song he wrote to raise money for children
in Africa.  Search it on YouTube, I think its the 2nd or 3d hit.
Enjoy! If you're trying this tab out, you're either me or ...
you play guitar and you know me. and i told you about this tab.

p.S- this might be wrong coz right now, i dont have a guitar, im just 
trying to remember what i played late last night.  I'll correct it tonight
when i  try it out- check the comments if its wrong.  thanks! 
Standard Tuning, No Capo.
h= hammer on

|----4--5-5-------0h2-0--------------------------------------------||--------------------------2----0h2 0---0h2 0----------------------||-------------------------------------2------ 2--------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------|
x2 :) and then the first verse A D A D [E- pre chorus ] just coz i felt like it :)
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