Misc Unsigned Bands – Kingston Trio - Greenback Dollar tab

Greenback Dollar:The Kingston Trio 
# 21 in 1959. 


Some people say I'm a no'count,

Others say I'm no good, 

But I'm just a natural born travelin' man, 
D                    Em 
Doin' what I think I should, oh yeah, 
D                    Em 
Doin' what I think I should. 

Em    G            C            G         C
And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar, 
G                C         G
Spend it just as fast as I can. 
G            C           G    C
For whiskey, song, and a good guitar, 
C       D                         Em 
are the only things that I under..stand, 
    D                         Em 
The only things that I under..stand. 

When I was a little baby,
My mama said, Hey son, 

Travel where you will and grow to be a man,
    D                 Em
and sing what must be sung, 
D                 Em 
Sing what must be sung.


Now that I'm a grown man,
I've traveled here and there,
I've learned that a bottle of brandy and a song,
        D                  Em
are the only ones who ever care,
    D                  Em
The only ones who ever care. 


A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.
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