Misc Unsigned Bands - Jet Black Joe - Starlight tab

D            Bm		
Sail on starlight
               Em                          D	
forever bright – sail on
D           Bm	
Sail on starlight
Em                 A                       D
You are my hopes and my dreams X2

If you wish to understand
         D                           Bm
then tell the truth for me
C   		     Am		
What you wish for what you want
or what you really be
Just take your time
                   D                    Bm
and think about my little pleat
C                       Am		
am I asking a awful lot
for something that is free

D    Bm                 Em	
Oh, it could be heaven
if someone 
            C                         Em
would open up your eyes

All the time we spent together
           D                       Bm	
don’t you all agree
C                                     Am	
There’s too much confusion
hier in misery			
         We  can only be crawling
               D                          Bm
in trust and harmony
C                             Am		
All you need is a little thing
to do it naturally

D     Bm                Em
Oh, it could be heaven…

Have my time in save much more
                 D                      Bm	
my starry saving cores
C                      Am		
If you like to come along
there´s room for many more
That´s the star that 
shines us way
        D   			   Bm	
and guides us through the night
C                          Am		
Make a land of make believe
come true within a side

D    Bm                  Em
Oh, it could be heaven…
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