Misc Unsigned Bands – Cody Anderson Band - Donkey Punch Your Face Off tab

Here is a song that i made up one night when i had nothing else to do ecause i was bord
call of duty 4 modern warfare that my friend greg let me borrow for awhile and i havnt
that game back to him yet because he hasn't asked for it backk  yet although i wish he 
let me borrow Halo3 really bad because i would rather play that game better. and i
really want to go out and by  it because im saving up for Grand theft auto4.
Which by the way i was reading on and  it sounds like a fun game because you get to
in that game which i am very fond of because i like to drinkAlOt, thats what i told greg to
and he callled me a faggot and i didnt know what that meant so i asked my uncle and he 
me a retard and sent me to my room, which is were i am at right now telling you
this song welll enJOY it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e -------------------------------------------------------|B -------------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------0-0-5-7-0-0-7-5-0-0--|A ------------------0-0-5-7-0-0-7-5----------------------|E --0-0-5-7-0-0-7-5--------------------------------------|
e --------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------|D --5-7---------------------------------------------------|A ------7-5---5~---0--------------------------------------|E ----------7----7----------------------------------------|
Play that until you die... its only the intro ill add the rest later on because i got to my supper
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