Misc Unsigned Bands - My Philosophy - Shoelaces tab

My Philosophy

tuning: 1/2 step down

Intro/ Verse One:eb-----------------------------------|Bb-----------------------------------|Gb---7---7---------------------------|Db--7-7-7-7--7---7---9---9---5---5---| (x8)Ab-5---5----7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9-5-5-5-5--|Eb---------5---5---7---7---3---3-----|
Verse:eb-------------------------|Bb-------------------------|Gb-7-----------------------|Db-7(x8)-7-----9-----5-----| (x4)Ab-5-----7(x8)-9(x8)-5(x8)-|Eb-------5-----7-----3-----|
Verse One: I woke up yesterday To a normal menial life. Woke up to defeat... It just tasted too normal. Verse Two: Went to school, Stared at My feet, Counting the laces and how they meet. Hell, it keeps me from falling asleep... I’ve lost track of the time... Chorus: When life passes me by Will I be too old to notice I’ve died? Could I waste it away… Not knowing there’s a sin to repay… Verse Three: I Woke up yesterday. Looked in the mirror and saw my fate. Everyday I’ve lived the same. I don’t want to do that no more. Verse Four: I woke up to no news. Tied the laces on my shoes. Strummed my guitar and sang the blues. I’ve never really liked those tunes. Chorus (2): When life passes me by Will I be too old to notice I’ve died? Could I waste it away… Not knowing there’s a sin to repay… Verse Five: I woke Up Today Tired of living like this. Set my sights on the trains They just seem to be going by. Verse Six: Now I need to try Maybe there’s more to life Stepped into a different day Felt a little abnormal. Chorus (2): When Life passes me by Will I be too old to notice I’ve died? Will I live my life? I may... Knowing there’s a sin to repay. Intro Verse Chorus Verse (x2) Chorus (2) Solo Verse (x2) Chorus (2)
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