Misc Unsigned Bands – Milo Fairweather - June Bugs In July tab

Tuning- Standard
Tabbed By-Spencer Heath

I know this is 100% correct. I'm friends with the guitarist/singer Daniel in the band 
he showed me how to play it! anyways..

the rythm of the song is pretty easy to figure out.

Intro: G D/F# Em D x3

Verse(s): C Am G D/F#
          C Am

Chorus: G D/F# Em D (arpeggiated)
        G D/F# Em D x2

Bridge:C Am G D/F#
       C Am G D/F#
       C G Am C

Outro: same as intro

E-mail me if you have any questions or comments. tfotkid@yahoo.com
Good Luck!!
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