Misc Unsigned Bands – Nay We Are But Men - The Barking Spider tab

great and hilarious song,
not such a well-known band 
but soon to be popular

the barking spider by:
NAY! We are but men.

Intro – Am

Am          Am                          (silence)
Woooo, Woooo  (whisper) Barking Spider! 
Am                                                                                           Am
    I’ve been all around the world, I thought I saw everything. But then that fateful day, I was
walking down the road. Then I saw, lying on the mocking ground, next to a giant rock.
There she was.
(pause)  It was a barking spider! 
 D                                            F
It followed me around like a shark in the sea,
                       C                    G                 
right then and there I started drinkin’ me tea,
It was destiny. 
D			      F                  C	 	G	    
Back in me homeland of Tennessee, I knew a good man named lil’ Timmy, 
  Am                                             Am
      But one day, everything was going insane, and lil’ Timmy got hit by a hurricane!
And that oughta suck!
(pause) It was a barking spider!

-guitar solo-

(whisper) That barking spider.
 Am (strum once per line)
       They found lil’ Timmy on a barbarian island.
            Am (strum once per line)
But sadly, before they could reach him,
             Am (strum once per line)
He was hit, by a HURRICANE!
                        D                            F
And then their expensive boat got hit by a truck,
       C                               G
The sea came to life, and so did the muck!
All right!
All right!                                   
     Am (one strum to end the song)
(pause) It was a barking spider!
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