Misc Unsigned Bands – Rick Seibold - How Love Goes tab

I did not tab this song. I give the credit to Rick Seibold. This tab is stright
from his myspace page. It's a decent song! Have a go at it.


How Love Goes Lyrics/Chords

How Love Goes Lyrics/Chords
F C Am G/B
No grand ball room, just two head lights
Truck radio is the band tonight
No dancing shoes, just me and you

No grand affair to read in magazines
no great escapes on the silver screen
no front page news, just me and you

Dm Am G
we aint got to make this complicated

F C G Am G/B
Love is just as simple as this
As the first kiss that we nearly missed
F C G Am G/B
Finding that hand that finally fits
that you can’t let go
F C E Am-b-F G
Ain’t always bliss and it don’t make sense
But there’s nothing better than this
that’s when you know
That’s how love goes

I remember when it first felt right
eating leftovers on a friday night
no tv, just you and me

And it hurt so bad to laugh so hard
But it felt so right wrapped in your arms
Nothing we need, just you and me


This love is just the way its meant to be...
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