Misc Unsigned Bands - Uzi And Ari - Mountain Molehill tab

Capo 5th fret

G C Em Am
I said it seven months ago
This summerís gonna take its toll on me
And itís still tearing you to bits
From all the topsy-turvy ships that are taking you from me

G C Em Am 4x

Didnít know youíd come around
I didnít know to save a sea
I didnít hear you make a sound
And you never skipped a beat

G C Em Am 2x
We heard you were crossing wires
But itís easy if you listen
The skin will get cleared off
When the plane is in commission

Could have been a lion or sheep
But I laid it out for you
Would have showed your lionís teeth
But I saw a savior


Babadababadabadam . . .

I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere so I doubt they are 100 percent accurate.

Find more info and songs from Uzi and Ari at http://www.myspace.com/benshepard
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