Misc Unsigned Bands - Cliff Tullis - More Than Candy tab

verse 1:

just try and picture this, one unlucky boy made a wish.D-------------G---------------------D/A
he wished for someone, to make him happy.D-----------G------------------D-----------A
now try and picture this, that unlucky boy got his wish.D----------G------D/Aand now he is, so happy.Em----------------G-------------A
he's been scarred before by the past.Em---------G-----------------Ahe's gonna try to make this last.
chorus: D-----------------A
'cause krytsle is more than candy,G---------------A----------------D
hold my hand in febuary when the rain came down,A---------------------G
everyone knows, don't make a sound.D-----------A
i can't get over this,----G-----------------A
the things i'd do for just one kiss,-----D-----------------A--------------Git's drivin' me crazy, girl i'm crazy for you.
verse 2: D-----------G------------D-----------------------A
now try and picture her, sittin' next to him she is his world.D----------------G-------------D/A
god how does she make him, so happy.D-----------G-----------------D------------------------A
now try and picture this, one day one boy thought he'd swing and he'd miss.D------------------G--------------D/Abut she looks into his eyes, so lovingly.Em----------------G-------------Ai've been scarred before by the past.Em--------G-----------------Ai'm gonna try to make this last.
chorus repeat x3
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