Misc Unsigned Bands – The Candace Brooks Band - Without Love tab

This is Without Love by The Candace Brooks Band

Listen to the song for the rhythm

Intro:   C#   E    B    C#


C#m           E       B        C#m
   I love the way you break my heart

C#m           E       B        C#m
   I love the way you tear it apart

C#m           E       B     C#m
   I love the way you feel alive

C#m           E       B    C#m A
   I love the way you break my stride


E          B         C#m           A
   I lie awake here, caught in the shadow of you heart

E            B         C#m                   A
   I want to break free, but your eyes won't let me

E       B                C#m           A
Without love what are we worth?

E B C#m Ae]----------------------------------------------|b]----------------------------------------------|g]--9---9-8-9-11-9-8-6------6---2-bend----------|d]----------------------------------------------|a]----------------------------------------------|e]----------------------------------------------|
Bridge A B E D Push a little harder now, come on make it count A B You're not breaking me, you're making me better
A Be]----------------------------------------------|b]----------------------------------------------|g]---6---6---6-9-8-6----8---8---8-11-9-8--------|d]-7---7---7----------9---9---9-----------------|a]----------------------------------------------|e]----------------------------------------------|
E De]----------------------------------------------|b]---9---9---9-12-10-9----7---7---7-10-9-7------|g]-9---9---9------------7---7---7---------------|d]----------------------------------------------|a]----------------------------------------------|e]----------------------------------------------|
Guitar tab by DestroyTheSilence Peace Kids
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