Misc Unsigned Bands – Realising Fate - Leave Me To Be tab

this song is one of realising fates more softer songs, but it still rules!
it was written by the bands bassist and main songwriter, jeff mccarthy.

G Em D Dme----3----------2-----2----|b----3----------3-----2----|g----------1----2-----2----|d----------2---------------|a----2-----2---------------|E----3---------------------|
G Em Asus4 Ae----3----------------------|b----3------------3-----2---|g---------1-------2-----2---|d---------2-------2-----2---|a----2----2-----------------|E----3----------------------|
and those chords are played up to the chorus chorus
repeat chorus then outro
outro Ge-----3--------|b-----3--------|g--------------|d--------------|a-----2--------|E-----3--------|
and thats pretty much the whole song, its easy as cause realising fate were sorta taking a break so thy made an easy enough song for rythm player to play. good song, sort of emotional lyrics, please comment! lyrics= you left me yesterday, and the whole worlds gonna come down on me tommorow. the world is against me today, as i sit here thinking of what will happen to me tommorow, when i step through the door, and seal my fate, what will be my destiny? the world looks at me, is if im invisible, one day ill live, to breathe the air that is consiousness, one day ill see whats right if front of me, and my eyes will see further, than they ever saw before, they'll see that im not the one, to adore. chorus surgery wont fix your stupidity, and it wont fix me, from being who-i-am, so leave me to be. x2 sibling rivalry, has swept my life away, and now i cant even say hello, to the people im supposed to love. soon enough the world will accept me for who-i-am, the gu that stands at the back of the line, staring at his feet, waiting for is moment shine. repeat chorus
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