Misc Unsigned Bands – Honorable Blue - Blue tab

Words & Music by Brent Johnson & Josh Berger 

(Capo on the 1st fret) 

V---C Em C---Am F C G
Waiting in his memory all these little trouble he has left Until another day Each and every time he wanders to his mind, he comes away Sleeping off the vengance swearing he's ok with what she's done Still he remembers Buried all the time at least until lets her overcome this calm CHORUS #1 And so he sits away Hoping still again she'll call him "Baby" Maybe He'll think that she will come To recue him away Well, maybe But lately He doesn't move At all Bluer than before bluer than the man that he was yesterday If that's a man at all Scraping thoughts together to see what he can hate a little more She told him once before it's just a shame you can't pull things together I could have loved you But he took it as a sign that no one takes the time to look him through CHORUS #2: And so he sits away Thinking still that someone will say "Baby" Maybe He will understand There's so much he could do Well, maybe But lately He doesn't move At all Forever he will sit blue as sky, darkened by the night And by his ignorance To see that all his love never could live up to what she needed But all he'll ever see is everything that he believes she's taken And he'll remember Each and every day he let her get away He let her go, go away CHORUS #2 CHORUS #1 And so he sits away... Never to love again... Never to love again...
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