Misc Unsigned Bands – The Young Sea - Ghostwhite tab

This is a great song, the young sea rocks.  You can get their lyrics from their myspace page.
:|| = repeat *listen to the song to figure out how many times*
^ = bend
/ = slide

Intro/Gtr I:e-14---------------------------------------:||b----12-14-14^-12----------------12-14--15-:||g-----------------14-12-11-12-14-----------:||d------------------------------------------:||
Gtr II verse: power chords G B A A
Gtr I verse:e----------------:|| e-------------------|b----------------:|| b-------15:||-14:|-| repeat 2Xg-9/11--14-12-11-:|| g-12:||-------------|d----------------:|| d-------------------|
Gtr I break:e----------------------- e--------------------|b-------15-------------- b-------15-----------|g----12----12-14^^^^^14- g----12----12-14^-12-|d-12-------------------- d-12-----------------|
Gtr II: "Run, soon the clouds will..." power chords B A These are the main parts, you can gigure out when to play each part when you listen to song. Thanks. Jim
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