Misc Unsigned Bands – Hannah Combs - Joshs Song tab


Capo on the fourth fret

Chord Progression- Em, D, C, G
Just a boy, just a girl
with nothing left, nothing left in this world
they've been through the torture
they've been through the pain
he was the rain on her warm summer day

Chord Progression- F, C, G, D
her warm summer day
she'll never be the same
she guides him all the way
into her selfish little heart
begs don't rip it apart

Chord Progression- Em, D, C, G
weeks before they knew the feelings were true
soon after they began to pass 'i love you's
two kids that shared the same heart
sworn to eachother not to rip it apart

Chord Progression- F, C, G, D
please don't rip it apart
could he mend her broken heart
would he save her from the dark
cold and bitter world for she's such a special girl

Chord Progression- Em, D, C, G you're just a boy and i'm just your girl all i've ever wanted to come brighten my world we're in love for a reason and reasons build over time i love how i'm yours and how you are mine
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