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"Bats over the Pacific Ocean"- Jaguar Love


[G] [Em]

(Verse 1)
[G]I got evicted from my house [Em]all my shit’s on the lawn 

everything[G]I’ve owned since I was a baby [Em]turning grey in the sun. 

[G]I found a picture of my mother [Em]when she was just 17 

looking wild [G]and glamorous at a party [Em]laughing about to scream. 

[G]So I flew to Australia [Em]on a flamingo’s back, 
the Pacific Ocean was dreaming of angels [Em]with the wings of a bat. 

[G]It was six in the morning [Em]the sun was just coming up, 

everybody[G] getting out of the subways [Em]going out to their jobs. 

[C]Happy new year Antoine [D]

I’m [C]fucked up bad but I’ll [D]be fine soon I’m sure 

[Am]and we can run the streets and scream like jaguars, 

because liars own the world.[G] [Em]

(Verse 2)
[G]I got evicted from this song, [Em]oh my voice is deformed, 
exotic islands and new species of animals [Em]is all I’m writing for. 

[G]I found a picture of my brother [Em]when he was just 17 
jet-black hair on his first tour ever [Em]totally hung over. 

[G]So I joined the marines [Em]just to travel the world, 
Afghanistan was dreaming of Miss America 

[Em]McDonald’s tits grotesque smirk.
[G]But I still missed my hometown [Em]so I had to desert, 
everybody driving around in hummers [Em]pulling their parents speed boats.

[C]Happy new year mamma [D]

[C]the static in my head could scar that girl[D] 
disfigure baby birds and maul the TV 

because the liars own the world. [G] [Em]
(Repeat Verse 1) 

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