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Artist: Reckless Sermon
Song Name: Set Me Free
Album: S-T-R-ong
Tabbed by: PrinceHustla

I usually use bar chords for the G's and F's in the verses plus the A in the second line 
The strumming is something like this for the first line, and the rest is pretty much the same:
V ^    V^     V ^   V    ^ V ^   V  V

C		          Em     G   F
I look across I see your cryin' fea-tures.
C			   Am Am7      Em7
I wish that I was there to ho-old your hand.
C                       Em          F   G
I treated you wrong, I messed with your heart.
C			      Am      E
Please take me back I want to be your man.

           G	  D	     A       E
And I will run as far as the eye can see
		 D	      C            E
To have you by my side, just a walkin' with me.
	      D		  A	    E
I'll swim any ocean, I'll climb any tree
	  C	  D	 A
'Cus only you can set me free.

Am G F Am

C			  Em    G    F
And when your face lights up I smile too
C			      Am Am7  Em7
To know that you at least are mo-ving on.
C		   Em	      F	  G
Personally, it's a little bit har-der
C		       Am  	    E
To see you hangin' on another man's arm.


Am G F Am

C			  G E     D    E
You're gone to me now but I still love you
C                   A     G      F
Always have, always will 'till I die.
C			      G		E   D
And if you want to grant this old heart one wish
C			   A   D    G
Just let me gaze into your sky blue eyes

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