Misc Unsigned Bands – Indiana Jenkins - Illuminator tab

Left handed
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     Em7   A7
E    0     0
B    3     2
G    0     0
D    0     2
A    2     0
E    0     

Intro x2 (Each chord lasts 2 counts):

Em7      A7

Verse 1:

Em7                  A7
Where are you, Illuminator?
Em7                   A7
Come on, light my way.
Em7                            A7
I've strayed too far from the trail,
Em7                      A7
and I've been lost all day.

Chorus 1:
Come, light my way.

[Repeat Intro x2]

Verse 2:

Come to me, Illuminator.
Tell me, how've you been?
Life is hard, Illuminator,
in the land of sin.

Chorus 2:

Come, let me in.

Verse 3:

Some advice, Illuminator.
Then I've got to leave;
keep your past with you.
Wear it like a sleeve.
Wear it like a sleeve.


A7(Once)       Em7(Sweep down)
Wear it like a sleeve...
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