Misc Unsigned Bands – The Bandana Boys - Ill Wait For My Cab tab

Dmaj7         Em/5               
i'll wait   ohhhhh(x2)

 Dmaj7                             Em/5
every time that i stand and care to wait(x2)
 Dmaj7            Em/5
but its not there ohhh(x2)

 C                   A
so i'll walk home instead(x2)
 Dmaj7                       Em/5
all those thoughts stuck in my head(x2)
       A       Dmaj7
      without my cab

SOLO:D5 A5 Em Em A5 D5(X4)

 C                   A
i wait for you every day
 Em/5                              A
i wait for cars,most every single day
 Dmaj7             Em/5            
i am oh bored to my head
 Dmaj7             Em/5
and then i walk home instead(x4)
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