Misc Unsigned Bands - Shesaidyeah - Joker Days tab

			     JOKER DAYS - SheSaidYeah

Tabbed by: the chief, anna [shesaidyeah, bass]
Austria Rules


VERSE: D D A Ge|--2-2-3-2---2-2-3-2-------3-2---3------|B|--3-3-----3-3-3-----3-2-2-----3-3------|G|--2-2-------2-2-------2-2-------0------| x4D|--0-0-------0-0-------2-2-------0------|A|----------------------0-0-------2------|E|--------------------------------3------|
CHORUS: D Em Gm Em Gm Eme|--2------------------------------------------|B|--3------------------------------------------|G|--2------0------3------0------3------0-------|D|--0--x8--2--x8--5--x8--2--x8--5--x8--2--x8---|A|---------2------5------2------5------2-------|E|---------0------3------0------3------0-------|
CHORUS IN CHORDS: D Em There's one thing worth to tell you Gm Em There's one thing so damn true Gm Em (stop) D D A G You only get a joke when the joke's on you ENJOY >.< good luck anna ===============================================================================
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