Misc Unsigned Bands – Pletrums Down - Missi Give Up tab

Dear miss i give up,
A,E,G (one stroke each)
       Dear miss i dont understand,
A                    E
miss i cant hold my feelings, 
G                D
miss i dont walk away,
A                   E
dear miss how is the weather,
G                D
in your world of pain
A                            E
i guess as your reading this message,
G               D
I'll be driving you so mad.
A             E
Dear miss how are ya?
G                        D
did you see those clouds today?
A                E
just put on your earphones
G               D
and wish it all away.
A               E
listen to your senses.
G                         D
what are they telling you know?
A                          E
have you got a simple soft feelin'
G                      D
Or do u just wanna cry outloud.

I said dear miss how is the weather?
I said dear miss do you un-der-stand
I said dear miss read this letter,
And Then you may understand

A                   E
Ask your friends to help you
G                                D
Cos they'll be with you all your way,
A                   E
dear miss you'll be better
G                             D
then you can come out another day...

By Chloe Skinner. 
Please give me some feedback, as this is my first proper song. 
thank you

my email is : chloe.black50@yahoo.co.uk
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