Misc Unsigned Bands – The Vandon Arms - The Legend Of Johnny Grey tab

by The Vandon Arms

D  D  GG
D  D  AA
D  D  GG
A  A  DD

So come all brave irishmen
G                D
Wherever you may be
I'll tell you a story
A                D
That happened to me
Its tis of a shooting
G                   D
That happened long ago
In a town called Kilkenny
A               D
A place we all know

twas early in the morning
Johnny was met with the dew
By the bastard bailiff
And his trecherous crew
You couldn't pay your rent
So you'll pay with your land
From the country you love
Forever you'll be banned

D       G
Go Go Johnny Grey
D       A
Go Go Johnny Grey
D       G
Go Go Johnny Grey
A                   D
And a rebel he will stay

Johnny grabbed his gun
Yelled you won't take me alive
For my true love Ireland
I am prepared to die
And all the brave irishmen
Will share the same fate as me
But the bailiff knew tomorrow
Johnny'd be swinging from a tree

Johnny pulled the trigger 
And the captian he fell dead
The bailiff raised his gun
Aimed squared at johnny's head
Another shot was fired 
And the bailiff, he did slay
And that was the ending 
Of Young Johnny Grey

So come all brave irishmen
Wherever you may be
Don't let them transport you
All over the sea
Stay in your own country
And defend your own land
And soon we'll be free
From this trecherous band
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