Misc Unsigned Bands – Andrew And Teddy - You And Us tab

Tuning - E-A-D-G-B-E
Chords Used 
G                1                2             Cadd9

E|-3------| E|-3-------| E|-3------| E|-3------| B|-3------| B|-3-------| B|-3------| B|-3------| G|-0------| G|-0-------| G|-0------| G|-0------|D|-0------| D|-0-------| D|-0------| D|-2------|A|-2------| A|-0-------| A|-2------| A|-3------|E|-3------| E|-2-------| E|-0------| E|-0------|
________________________________________________________________ G I remember us, 1 the way we used to be, 2 I'd hold you in my arms, Cadd9 your smile so sweet to me, G But now when I see you, 1 you look right through me, 2 Cadd9 I feel so alone now, G The love we used to share, 1 gone up in whirl winds, 2 will I ever love, Cadd9 or ever live again, G I am tired of crying, 1 and I am done trying, 2 cadd9 To remember all about you, G All the love I am sending, 1 the memories I won't sell, 2 I know there must be an ending, cadd9 to the story I will tell, G I dream only of your love, 1 and happiness in life, 2 I try not to think of you, cadd9 but when I close my eyes... ..All I see is you. Outro
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