Misc Unsigned Bands – John Kellette - Forever Blowing Bubbles tab

|John Kellette - Forever Blowing Bubbles ||-----------------------------------------------------|
|I felt like tabbing this after I saw Green Street ||and I think it sounds pretty much like the right ||chords, but I can never be certain | |Any suggestions comment or mail me at ||xenoxsis@xenoxsis.com ||- Xenoxsis ||-----------------------------------------------------|
C: X32010 F: 133211 D: XX0232 G: 320033 E: 022100 Am: X02210 C F C I'm forever blowing bubbles F C Pretty bubbles in the air F C They fly so high F C Nearly reach the sky D G Then like my dreams they fade and die C E Fortunes always hiding Am E (G) I've looked everywhere C F C Am I'm forever blowing bubbles D G C Pretty bubbles in the air
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