Misc Unsigned Bands - 8ight Past Nine - My Old Friend tab

8ight Past Nine


~ = slide
` = pull-off

Am G Same old story every day Am I take the call G And we will not relate F/C C Em Somethin' isn't feelin' right F The words won't come tonight G The words won't come tonight INTRO I guess it's safe for me to say I'm moving on With no reason to stay But I never told you why I've gone Why everything's gone wrong Why I'm saying "so long" PRE CHORUS F G There's no need to shout when Am F The truth is screaming out G And all of this is bearing down CHORUS C C/B Am You're lacking passion in your eyes F When we're eye to eye C C/B Am G I wonder if you even know why C C/B Am I turned my back to you again F C It was hard to help it when C/B Am G You weren't the same as you were then My old Friend MUSICAL BREAK Start with the INTRO Then the piano plays a series of notes over these chords: Am, C, G, Am, F, G, F/ (hit the F once sing "There's no need to shout") G// Continue with: PRE CHORUS CHORUS
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