Misc Unsigned Bands – Metasoma - Just Stay tab

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Am Dm G C Em


Am                 Dm   
Since you left my life is
G                C  Em
Like a bird without wings
      Am               Dm  
The drug my heart needs
    G                      C   Em
Without you I can’t even breath
   Am                  Dm
I don’t feel like I’m going to work
         G          C   Em
I would rather stay home
    Am            Dm
But everything reminds of you
G                C        Em
Moments that you pass and through

        F               G  
And the night falls for another time 
        C               Am
And I still hope that you are fine
   F                       G
I tried to sleep but you cross my mind
        C             Am
And I pray to god to give me a sign
   F                G
If only I could do something
         C               Am
Cause I don’t wanna live next to nothing 

F G C Dm

          A m       F
When you come again
   C                  G
I won’t care what the other say
          Am      F
I will be so glad
      C                   G
Cause bright you you make all my day
         Am         F
When you come again
   C                      G
My hands are wide open to all your love
     Am           F
Just say you stay
                  C                G
Cause I’ve been thinking about you all night long

Repeat INTRO


Once I asked you for your help
But you’d rather see me fell
I couldn’t cope all alone
With this words 
will on my own
And the things you get to me
G C Em                    
You will never really see
How much I could give


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