Misc Unsigned Bands - Linden James - Always The Right Time tab

Capo 5

C   A   F   G
It's always the right time to say the way that i feel
the way your eyes smile at me i know that you're for real
and i don't know where to begin to say how happy i am to be
lying next to the girl of my dreams

...    I like you by my side
i don't want to let you go don't want to be free 
i like being tied
i want to lift you in the air 
give you a rush that you'll never forget yeah
pick you flowers 
kiss you for hours
I don't want to miss a thing

I don't want to miss a moment
i want to know what you're thinking
I want you to see what i'm thinking

There's no surprise since the first time
i laid my eyes all over you
i would come into your world
and show you what it means to feel good
I first fell in love with your face
remember my smile on the first taste
my tender lips your sexy hips
baby i'll get you every time

... you make me feel like a good man
doing all the good things to make
you feel like you are a princess
I want you to take control
baby i'm gonna rock your world
moving slower, going lower
I don't want to miss a thing

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