Misc Unsigned Bands – Mother Of Mercy - Pulled Under tab

mother of mercy is a local, awesome, band from the philly area. this song is bomb

this song can also be played in standard tuning, but i find it easier to play it in drop D

sorry but i dont have the solo yet.

~    let it ring
...  strum multiple times

E|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|----------- ---|x3A|-8-7-5-2~-----------|D|-8-7-5-2~-----------| ^^ let it ring
E|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------| x 2D|---------------------------------|A|-9-7-5-9-7-12-9-7-5...-8-7-5-2~--|D|-9-7-5-9-7-12-9-7-5...-8-7-5-2~--| ^^^ figure out how many times you stum the barred 5.
on the second repeat of the tab directly above, do this at the end
E|-------|B|-------|G|-------|D|-------|A|-222-2~D|-222-2~ ^^^ ^ play open, let ringpalm mute
thats basically the whole song minus the solo.have fun.
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