Misc Unsigned Bands - Bob Detroit - 2012 tab

=============2012 / Written by: Bob Detroit/Wyss
(played rather fast)

Em                   G
said 2012 is comin fast

Em		      G
hold on tight if your gonna last

Em 		                          G
When youre lookin right  in to the savior's face

Em                             G
Are you gonna put him in his place

Em                        G
gotta explain everything you did

Em                             G
Excuses only work for little kids

Em                               G
Sold out quick to the highest bid, and

Am        D             Em  
 you,dont care, at all

Em G Em G

Em                              G
Look around signs are everywhere

Em                          G
Hey there goes a-one right there

Em                       G
Dust and ash pollute our lungs

Em                       G  
Guy over there is speakin in tongues

Em                     G
Radiation burns out our eyes

Em                               G
Blood starts a-raining out of the sky

Em                           G
Everyones just fix-in do die, and

Am         D           Em
we, dont care, at all

Em G Em G

Em                      G
And me I'm just as guilty too

Em                        G
I never said I was better than you

Em                       G    
Sat on the fence too many times

Em                                    G
Did some things that would blow your mind

Em                                 G 
Fate took a swing but I ducked

Em                          G
Crossed my fingers just for luck

Em                          G
Sometimes I'm just a stupid fuck,and

Am      D          Em
I, don't care, at all

Em G Em G

Em		  G
It may not be the end of days

Em			G	   
This game could play out many ways

Em	                               G
Earth cracks open and swallows you whole

Em                            G
Spitting back all the filthy souls

Em			G
Gunshot blast in the back of the head

Em		       G	
We all fall down like the Bible said

Em		       G
Anyway we’ll all end up dead, and

Am         D          Em
Life, ain’t fair, at all.

Em    G    Em   G  (repeat and fade)
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